Software Development

Software Solutions

At Fesma, we create software solutions that help you move forward. Made for and with you in collaboration with our professionals.

A software solution can come in a variety of ways. For example, you may have valuable goods that you transport that you want to be able to track and monitor at all times. Or maybe you are good at developing high-tech equipment and need a party that can support in developing the right software for your equipment. We are happy to think with you to develop the right software for your issue.

Our approach

  • First, we listen to your story
  • We look together for the best solution
  • We unburden you and provide an appropriate solution


Whether it’s an Android application, the backend of a website or a Cloud solution, Java can do it all. The wide variety of popular frameworks and platform independence makes Java a very powerful programming language.


Do you need a program with the highest speed? Then C++ offers the solution, this low-level programming language is ideally suited for programs where speed and efficient memory usage are important.



Python is very flexible, versatile and relatively simple to use. Because of its many libraries, it is possible to develop very powerful programs with few lines of code. In addition, it is extremely suitable for automating tasks and is widely used in the academic world thinking of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


For creating an interactive website, JavaScript is the language of choice. Consequently, this flexible and very popular language is used by almost all web pages. Therefore, this language is a must-have for developing the most user-friendly and the most eye-catching front-end.


Maintenance friendly software

Through our Test-Driven Design and Clean Code principles, we provide maintenance-friendly software. Software is never bug free, but by working test driven a lot can be prevented. In addition, it forces requirements to become clear at various levels in the form of automatic tests. In combination with good agreements about clean code, this also ensures that new employees are quickly trained, and regression is minimized.

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