Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

With Robotic Process Automation better known as RPA, we can robotize steps in your process and take standard work off the hands of your employees.

RPA is a simpler, cheaper and faster solution than automation. Because here is a program (robot) that performs the exact same steps as your employees. We don’t have to develop new software and therefore can often help you quickly.

Because with RPA the exact steps of an employee are performed and a robot cannot handle choices well, this is extremely suitable for copying texts or transferring data. Here, the power of the robot is in the repetition of the work.

Our approach

  • First, we listen to your story
  • We look together for the best solution
  • We unburden you and provide an appropriate solution


There is no actual robot that sits in the employee’s chair but a computer program that performs the steps that your employees otherwise perform.


This refers to the process your employees perform. This can be all kinds of different activities such as sending invoices or booking orders.


Because the robot does the work, the processes seem automated. You no longer have to look at anything while the work is done for you. This while you have no expensive auto-masking costs.


As your processes are robotized, the processes must be written down and studied. Once they are robotized you don’t have to look at them anymore, but of course this has to be maintained. Because it is therefore cheaper in the long run to robotize only the work that is useful and eliminate the waste from the process, we and our process manager always look at the processes first, so that we robotize only what is necessary and eliminate the waste from your processes.

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