Project Management

Project Management

Good project support determines the success of a project. With good project managers, the most important parts of the project can be managed. As a result, major problems can be made small. In doing so, our project managers are not afraid to take action to ensure that problems are solved immediately.

At Fesma we have more than enough experience to support you in your projects. We will always listen to your needs and goals before starting your project. We will keep you informed and involved throughout the project. However, you will be completely relieved by our consultants throughout the project.

Agile working is the new way of working in short sprints and each sprint a small step is delivered. Sometimes the step is too big to go directly from Waterfall to Agile working. Our project managers and scrum masters can provide excellent support in this transition. The scrum masters support the teams, and our project managers provide the right translation and guidance between management and your development teams.

Our approach

  • First, we listen to your story
  • We look together for the best solution
  • We unburden you and provide an appropriate solution


Our Scrum Masters can support your teams in the transformation to Agile working where they can take the next step in team development.


Do you work on the basis of PRINCE2 or IPMA? Then we have the right consultants available for you who have experience with these principles.


Are you running up against deadlines? Our consultants can turn that into looking ahead to new development instead of chasing deadlines.

Do you need project management support?

Do you need a project manager, or would you like to know more about this? Our project managers are always willing to tell you about this and to see where they can help you take the next step. They can even give a workshop, giving your employees a playful way to get in touch with different ways of project management.

Let's start the conversation about how we can help you