Process Management

Process Management

Process management is used more often than thought. Through process management, working methods can be optimized and secured in the company. By writing down these processes properly, they can be communicated unambiguously during an audit. In addition, these records are also the starting point for communication with automation parties to automate processes.

At Fesma we have several process managers who can help with mapping your processes. In doing so, we listen to your needs and objectives before we begin, as different objectives may have different depth levels at which we describe your processes. When the processes are used by management we will describe the processes high over. This allows these processes to be used for controlling responsibilities and directing activities. When the processes are to be automated. Then we will describe the processes in detail so that the processes can easily be fully automated.

Our approach

  • First we listen to your story
  • We look together for the best solution
  • We unburden you and provide an appropriate solution


By mapping processes, ways of working can be identified. As a result, waste can be identified and removed from the process.


To perform an automation, it must be known in detail what steps are to be automated and what choices are available.


To prevent or resolve audit findings, ownership can be established and practices mapped, allowing agreements to be clearly put on paper.


To secure optimization, we can use process descriptions to map out the new way of working and also ensure that this new way of working becomes generally good.


Do you need process management?

Do you need process management or would you like to know more about it? Our process managers are always willing to tell you about this and to see where they can help you take the next step. They can even give a workshop in which your employees can get in touch with process management in a playful way and discover the advantages of mapping these processes.

Let's start the conversation about how we can help you