Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Fesma stands for allowing employees to take a step forward.

In the tight labor market, we believe in our employees and the talent they possess. This is why we invest extra in the development of our colleagues to ensure that they can take the next step in their careers. We believe that satisfied employees make for satisfied customers and we like to propagate this.  Not only do we have regular discussions with our employees, but also with our customers. In which we look at the possible potential of our colleagues to take the next step forward.


Experience it yourself

As a future college, do you also want to take the next step in your career and are ready to get more out of it? Then you are always welcome to apply at Fesma. Together we will look at your development goals and dreams that we would like to realize together.

Our clients

Without our customers, our mission could not be achieved. Here, our clients are the most important step in our mission to ensure that our employees can take a step forward. When our employees complete assignments for our clients, we see our employees continue to grow and actually take the next step.

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