Life Sciences


When human lives are at stake, high quality software is very important. We can help you ensure that all quality requirements are in order.

It is important to perform the quality checks as early as possible in the process, this ensures that bugs are found first and therefore also the cheapest to fix.

The first quality check therefore already starts with Quality@Desk. This means that the development environment helps to indicate warnings and errors so that while typing code the problem points are indicated. Here we can also help set up that the coding standard and coding style are checked directly in the development environment.

Experience within Life Sciences

Also take advantage of our knowledge and experience within this industry that allows us to help you take the next step.

  • We help you meet the IEC 62304 standard.
  • By delivering high quality software.
  • And optimizing processes around this standard.


During the covid pandemic, the need for large laboratories in the Netherlands became increasingly clear. In order to conduct large-scale research, there was simply not enough testing capacity available in the Netherlands. To make this possible, we can provide temporary support that allows us to develop a whole new laboratory together with you. With our experts, we can immediately implement optimizations and improvements to help you even further.


With our experience and flexibility, we are able to quickly provide support for complex projects, such as setting up a laboratory for covid testing.

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