High Tech

We will help you innovate further

Within the high-tech sector, it is important to keep innovating to stay ahead of the competition. This means constantly developing and marketing the best and most modern products.

Our specialists can help you innovate. We can help you conceive and develop new innovations. With this development, we also do a feasibility study with some prototypes to show the possibilities and further advance the development.

Perhaps you already have the specialists for this yourself, but you are looking for help in the transformation from prototype to product. For this further development you need another specific knowledge to make it a successful product. We also have this knowledge in-house so we can help you further with the development of your prototype into a successful product.


Within high-tech we have already made several contributions.

  • From development of prototypes and guidance in feasibility studies
  • To phasing out and replacement of products or components that have reached the end of their useful life.

Agile way of working

Our development teams work in the Agile way of working. Development is done in cooperation with the customer so that you are always aware of the development of the team. Adjustments can always be made so that the development can immediately be adapted to changes in insight. We also benefit from the advantage that with agile working there is a delivery every sprint which makes it possible to show results to your customer earlier.


What benefits can the Cloud bring to you? What impact does the VGA have with regard to storing customer data in the Cloud?

Deep learning

Can we use Deep Learning and collected data from the field to develop new image recognition algorithms?


How can we help turn a prototype into a mature product? What quality requirements are involved?

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