At Fesma: Your Partner in Problem Solving

At Fesma we like to help you. In doing so, we can completely unburden you and solve your problem completely in-house or just temporarily provide the support you need so you can get back on your feet.

When you need support, we provide the right people for your question. They will receive support from Fesma so that you can directly use the knowledge of an entire team. In addition, we value development so that our people not only take the work off your hands but also ensure the development of knowledge within your organization.

Our Services

Team Support

Is more support needed? Then we can also place an entire team to support you. We will engage in a conversation together to identify your needs and we will provide the perfect team for your request. Do you need different areas of expertise? Then we can place a flexible shell around the team, so you get the expertise when you need it.

Completely Unburdened

Would you like to be completely unburdened and have a solution to your problem? No problem. We develop your solution internally and keep you continuously informed of progress. We implement the solution step by step, so that you can use the solution you need as soon as possible. We take full responsibility for management, so you only benefit from the solution.


How we solve it

  • We ask questions and look at your needs
  • We listen to your question and look for the solution
  • We always look at where IT can support us

RPA as a solution

RPA is not only a solution for staff shortages but can also be the solution to put the customer back at number one.

Software as a solution

Software offers the most beautiful solutions and can take the most difficult problems off your hands. So that you really get further than you have ever been.

Process management as a solution

To be ahead of audits and to guarantee improvements in the company so that the steps forward are really definitive for your company.

Let's start the conversation about how we can help you