Optimize your processes with our organizational scan

Optimize your processes with our organizational scan

At a time when companies are facing regulatory challenges, technology and customer expectations, effective process management is invaluable. It is essential for companies to continuously optimize processes and adapt them to ever-changing market conditions, creating a resilient foundation to respond to a constantly changing environment. At Fesma, we understand the importance of this like no other and have developed a powerful tool to help your organization optimize its processes: the organizational scan for process management.

Our organizational scan consists of three parts:

  • Completing a brief questionnaire.
  • A company visit that includes both a walk-in session and some interviews.
  • An evaluation moment at the conclusion of the company visit, where notable findings are shared with you personally.

After this organizational scan, we are happy to work with you to see how we can support your organization with our process management solutions. We do this by means of a customized solution.


Our organizational scan is not a standard approach. It starts with a short, but very important questionnaire. By filling it out, we not only get a quick understanding of your current business operations, but also gain in-depth insight into your organization’s process management maturity.

Our experienced consultants use the information obtained as a compass to provide you and your organization with customized solutions and advice. Thus, in addition to analyzing the questionnaire responses, insights and in-depth knowledge of best practices in process management are combined. This enables us not only to understand the current situation, but also to develop a clear vision for the future growth of your organization, which you can start working with tomorrow.

Company visits and interviews

The results of the questionnaire form the basis for the second phase of the Organization Scan: the free company visit. For half a day, our consultants are on site to observe the day-to-day operations of your organization. They not only look at the documentation and process diagrams, but immerse themselves in the actual execution of the processes.

During this company visit, we conduct interviews not only with management, but also with employees working in operations. We believe that the strength of an organization is derrived not solely from its defined objectives, but also from the manner in which thesee objectives are pursued in the workplace. Through direct interaction, we get a complete picture of your organization and identify potential bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

Evaluation and results

As a conclusion to the company visit, we facilitate a valuable evaluation moment. During this session, we not only discuss notable observations but also integrate insights from your employees. This is an integral part of our approach, as we believe that sustainable improvements are only achievable when widely embraced within the organization. Rest assured, we treat the information obtained with utmost confidentiality.

Our methodology is not a one-way street; we highly value your input and incorporate it into our recommendations. As partners in this journey towards optimization, our aim is not just to be external consultants but an extension of your team, dedicated to your success.

Further cooperation

If you are enthusiastic about the proposed solutions, we like to go a step further. We look at possible forms of cooperation and ways in which we can assist your organization in optimizing its business processes. You can expect customized solutions from us since every company and every situation is different.

At Fesma, we go beyond simply providing a service; we strive for a partnership focused on your success. Our free organizational scan is not just a snapshot; it is the first step in a journey to a more effective and efficient organization. We believe that when your organization excels, so do we.


Getting started!

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