Your solution for staff shortage

The current tightness of the labor market cannot only be solved for your company through higher salaries and high recruitment costs. By truly addressing your approach, we can ensure that you can accomplish more work with fewer people.

By taking a closer look at your processes and having a critical conversation, the first steps can be taken quickly. Think, for example, of extra checks or transfers that have secretly crept into your working methods over the years. How can we remove these and actually provide added value for the customer.


But you can also ensure that various steps in your process no longer have to be carried out manually by using smart robots. This gives your staff more time for the customer and they can actually deliver added value instead of boring administrative work.

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But how do we work now?

We take a critical look at all steps in your business process. Why do we do the work and why do we do it this way? After properly mapping this out, we can remove redundant steps from the process, so that you have the first free FTEs for your goals. Then we will robotize steps from your process and guide the team in this change. Because now your team can focus on the customer and the company’s objectives again.

Project management

When you land a new assignment, it sometimes turns out to be larger than initially estimated. More work is coming out but the product has already been sold to the customer. Fesma Project Managers can help with these tight deadlines and the amount of work. They take the project off your hands to ensure that everything is delivered on time.


By means of an RPA solution, we can ensure that your employees can get back to work and that the administrative tasks are outsourced to a robot. As a result, data no longer needs to be entered in different systems. We can fill all your systems directly from one system. In addition, we manage the robot so that you do not have to worry about it.

Process management

By deploying process managers, we can take a critical look at your working method. Perhaps you have star employees who do the work much faster and better. Can’t we ensure that all employees work in that efficient way and can do the same amount of work? By taking a critical look at your working method, we only add value for your customers.

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