RPA as a solution to workforce shortage

RPA as a solution to workforce shortage

The current staff shortage is only increasing and is currently seen as the biggest obstacle by 70% of business services companies. As a result, it is almost impossible to properly serve all customers, productions come to a standstill, and intended goals are increasingly difficult to achieve.

Consider sending emails or letters. It is often a time-consuming activity to personalize and send a standard email to the customer. This is the perfect activity that can be performed by a robot. Because did you know that that robot can perfectly well use the correct salutation or comments to still send your customer a personalized email? This frees up employees and they in turn can ensure that goals are achieved and your business continues to grow.

But how do we proceed now?

We take a critical look at all the steps in your business process. Why are we doing the work and why are we doing it this way? After mapping this properly, we can remove redundant steps from the process so that you have the first free FTEs for your goals. Then we will robotize steps from your process and guide the team through this change. Because now your team can refocus on the customer and the company’s goals.


We take the implementation of the robot completely out of your hands. Is it your first or 100th robot? That makes no difference to us. We help you fully implement the robot in your environment and make sure you don’t have to worry about anything during the introduction of your robot.


Of course, the quality of the robot depends on its reliability. Because of this, we take care of the maintenance of this robot. We take care of this completely for you and can even maintain your robot remotely. In this way, we ensure that you can always rely on your robot.


Certainly, a Robot can be quite an impact for the department. Suddenly you no longer have to do the work yourself but it is done by a robot. We also take care of this and make sure that the employees immediately welcome the robot warmly and can do the work they really enjoy.

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