Crisis Management at the Highest Level

Crisis Management at the Highest Level

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a huge demand for testing capacity. Current testing capacity at the beginning of the Covid outbreak was around 500 tests per day. However, the demand for testing capacity grew rapidly and soon there was a need for millions of tests per week. To achieve this, the government contracted with commercial companies that were allowed to build mega labs with as much as 100 thousand tests per day of testing capacity.

With our knowledge, we were able to contribute to setting up a new XL covid test laboratory with the objective of building an operational laboratory within a month and then scaling up on a weekly basis to eventually be able to perform 75,000 tests per day.

We set to work immediately, identifying all the needs and helping to structure this crisis team. In a short period of time, together with our partners, we placed cabling of 7.5 km throughout the building, installed equipment to analyze tests and set up offices for 100 employees to do their work.

But how do we proceed now?

To make this possible, we used some permanent employees who were present throughout the project and a whole team of flexible professionals. For example, several employees have been present for several days to use their expertise to quickly solve problems so that delays were never an issue and millions of tests could be done by this XL covid laboratory.

Are you running into a problem of your own that needs to be solved quickly? Let us know and we will visit you the same day to discuss the problem, and where necessary, we will begin solving your crisis situation immediately.